Poster Girl Review – Who Wore It Better Me Or Kylie Jenner?

Kylie Jenner Poster Girl Dress

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As of July 2017, Poster Girl has been on the lips of celebrities like for instance, Kylie Jenner, Dua Lipa, Duckie Thot, Chiara Ferragni, and others. The brand was founded by Natasha Somerville and Francesca Capper, two friends with a common love of ’90s chainmail. Their love of this trend inspired the brand’s design. Despite its youthfulness, Poster Girl’s clothing is far from basic.  and dont forget to let me know, about my Poster Girl Clothing Review in the comments! and who wore it better, me or Kylie?

Poster Girl Sheer Dress Try On Haul

You’ve probably already seen the Poster Girl Miranda Dress on a famous celebrity, but what’s it like to try one on? Even Though The cool-girl fashion label, founded by Natasha Somerville and Francesca Capper, uses luxurious construction techniques and top-notch quality to create a high-fashion look for the fashion-conscious. The brand has already gained widespread popularity, with countless A-listers donning it in recent months.

Poster Girl Sheer Dress Review Video

Therefore If you are on the fence about whether or not to purchase a Poster Girl Sheer Dress, you’re not alone. Naked dresses have been in and out of fashion for decades, and this new line of shapewear is no exception. Founded by best friends Natasha Somerville and Francesca Capper, the line has become one of the most sought-after fashion labels. You may have even spotted A-list celebrities wearing Poster Girl clothing, including Kylie Jenner and Dua Lipa.


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Celebrities Who Wore Poster Girl

Indie fashion brand Poster Girl has launched a line of bodycon and naked dresses aimed at fearless women. Most Often than Not known for animal print and brightly coloured cleavage cut-outs, the collection is designed for women who dare to be different. Poster Girl has become a firm favourite of celebrities, including Dua Lipa and Kylie Jenner. The singer wore the Miranda dress from the brand in January 2017. Dua Lipa also wore a Poster Girl chainmail bodycon dress in her “Say So” music video in February.

The Poster Girl collection has been a hit with fashionistas and vloggers worldwide, How Ever with many famous women and men gracing the cover of the magazine. In Other Words The glittering evening wear has earned the label a place among the most fashionable trends of the year, according to a fashion collective. Listed below are a few celebrities who wore Poster Girl clothing. Read on for more details.

Kylie & Kendal Jenner In Poster Girl

Kylie jenner poster girl dress

The latest fashion trend is the “poster girl” outfit, and Kylie Jenner is embracing it by rocking a turquoise Poster Girls mini dress. Featuring elbow-length sleeves, a cutout on the back, and a round neckline, it’s a perfect choice for the IG-savvy teen. And it’s now shoppable, too! Here are some of her favorite options.

The “Poster Girl” outfit was designed by fashionistas Natasha Somerville and Francesca Capper. Their collaboration was inspired by the ’90s and the fashion of the decade. The duo wanted to design a fashion line that would be both timeless and contemporary. Their first creation, the Miranda Dress, is a ‘poster girl’ mini dress with a chainmail waist, is no exception.

Dua Lipa Poster Girl Outfit

dualipa postergirl

Despite her young age, Dua Lipa is already a celebrity with a unique and eclectic style. Whether she’s performing at a concert or attending a fashion show, the pop star has a unique way of showcasing her personal style. Recently, the singer wore a Poster Girl fishnet shapewear jumpsuit for an event, and we’re not surprised to see her wear the same outfit again. The actress and singer also wore the same jumpsuit while attending an event to celebrate Pride Month.

The London-based brand is a fun, first-time fashion label, and its pieces are perfect for a night out. These designs are affordable, party-ready, and have celebrity backing. Dua Lipa’s Poster Girl Outfit is one of their bestselling pieces. Quite an extensive list of high A-List number of celebrities have been seen wearing the outfits on the Red Carpet, including Kylie Jenner. Above All Poster Girls brand has also become popular with fashion editors and A-list stars alike.

Sexy Sheer Poster Girl Dress

If you are looking for a seductive sheer dress, try one from the Poster Girl label. This London-based fashion label makes a range of sexy, revealing and cutout dresses. Its celebrity fans love it, and you will too! Sexy Poster Girl dresses are available in many different styles, and they will add an extra sexy touch to your wardrobe.


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Poster Girl Models

Poster Girl Models’ clothing is an interesting mix of shapes and styles. With the brand being Founded in Paris, the company began life designing chainmail-mesh dresses, which were quickly picked up by Selfridges. Most Importantly Aspects of the Clothing and its aesthetic soon evolved into pieces resembling shapewear. The goal of these pieces is to accentuate and highlight the body, with cut-outs and mesh detailing. Poster Girl’s current collection echoes the brand’s’shapewear’ aesthetic.

The brand’s cult Most Certainly has a following has included Dua Lipa and Kylie Jenner, among others. In addition to the infamous Miranda Dress, the brand is also known for its figure hugging one-pieces. Dua Lipa, a huge fan of the brand, wore a Poster Girl chainmail dress in the Future Nostalgia album cover. Secondly, singer Doja Cat has also sported Poster Girl outfits in her “Say So” music video.

In the company’s showroom, customers can see how the brand designs clothes for the fashion industry. Poster-Girls brand’s clothing is designed to emulate the look of a 60’s spa, with a retro look combined with modern edge. This clothing line has a retro feel but is geared towards younger girls. In Addition Its line is perfect for young women, but it’s also suitable for older women. They feature bright colours and bold patterns.


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